A capsule of Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ holds powdered form of a cactus plant called Hoodia gordonii. This plant commonly found in the desert of Kalahari in South Africa. The amount of this powered constituent is as given below:

Hoodia gordonii:

Effectively suppresses an excessive appetite by making use of the energy-sensing cells in the brain. Once hoodia gordonii starts working in the body it makes the brain believe that the person is full. The brain signals the person not to eat more and thus he does not binge on tempting food. Hoodia gordonii makes you eat optimum quantity of food that is required for a healthy body.


Hoodia Gordonii has worked real wonders in my life. Imagine the big tummy man that I was since long known for was all disappeared in just 2 months of using this pill. Man, they are great! Its brought me
Back my lost confidence. Thanks Hoodia and its team!!   

- Chris Jones, Canada

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